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Dr. Syed Sheraz DaoodDr. Syed Sheraz Daood

Title: Energizing Sustainability: Conservation Initiatives Across Pakistan’s Industrial Sectors Abstract: This presentation delves into the heart of Pakistan’s industrial landscape, examining the pivotal energy conservation and sustainability initiatives reshaping major

Dr. Huzaifa RaufDr. Huzaifa Rauf

Title: Enhancing Electric Vehicle Battery Reliability Through AI and Machine Learning Innovations Abstract: Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) methodologies present transformative potentials for improving electric vehicle

Dr. Ghulam AbbasDr. Ghulam Abbas

Title: Achieving Economical Power System Operation by Optimization Technique Abstract: One of the most critical and challenging issues that need to be solved in power systems is optimal economic dispatch.

Dr. Kashif ImranDr. Kashif Imran

Title: Benefits of Utility Grade Battery Energy Storage Systems for Investors and System Reliability Abstract: Due to their intermittent nature, high penetration of renewable energy resources (RES) can deteriorate power