In the spirit of providing an opportunity and platform, FSK Energy Efficiency and Conservation Foundation (FEECF) and CERAD, UET Lahore planned to organize International Conference on Energy conservation and Efficiency in November 2017 at Faletti’s Hotel Lahore, Pakistan; inviting engineers, researchers, energy experts, manufacturers, and building designers to meet, discuss, explore and exchange ideas in the fastest growing field of Energy Efficiency and Conservation strategies. Demand side energy management and optimization has seen great technological advancements over the years making it viable solution in current energy situation of Pakistan. The event is intended to create a professional as well as educational network bringing interested experts and youth together.

The theme of the Conference is Energy Efficiency & Conservation.

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In the spirit of providing an opportunity and platform, FSK Pvt. Ltd  and CERAD, UET Lahore  organize International Con...


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Fletti's Hotel Lahore Pakistan Energy Conservation and Efficiency Conference: Nov 22-23 | Exhibition : Nov 22 - 23, 2...

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Timely ideas make leaders, be it humans or nations. ICECE is meant to bring Pakistani stakeholders abreast with international state-of-the art. ICECE is being planned to be the stepping stone for next levels of energy conservation and efficiency in Pakistan.
-Farooq Amjad Meer
ICECE is going to be utterly beneficial conference on energy conservation and efficiency. It is bound to take the energy efficiency to the next big level needed highly at this point of time. I wish it all the best.
-Prof. Dr. Fazal A. Khalid
The upcoming conference on energy conservation i.e. ICECE 2017 is determined to bring a giant platform for engineers, researchers, energy experts and manufacturers where they can discuss and exchange ideas in the field of energy efficiency. The energy efficiency is the need of the hour and this event is all set to resolve energy crisis in Pakistan.
-Prof. Dr. Waqar Mehmood
ICECE is planned to be a turning point for the energy conservation and efficiency in this country, Co-operation between the best of the academia and manufacturers with policy makers is bound to be a great event for the energy market of this great country.
-Rao Khalid Ahmad Khan

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First International affiliation for the conference. ICECE-2017 is now been listed by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), 529 14th Street N.W., Suite 600 Washington, D.C, USA. Onl...